Saturday, 27 November 2010

Wintery thoughts

Hello from sunny Florida.  Now you didn't need that did you?  I am aware it is getting far too cold far too soon in Bury as we (or at least him indoors) do read the UK papers and news sites on line.

Gardening for me is non-existent over here as we live in a condo and the landscaping is managed to within an inch of its life by a swarm of gardeners.  I miss it dreadfully.  Yes, I know, because I keep being reminded by everyone and his brother, that there's not much gardening to be done in Bury in the winter.  Nevertheless I miss my romantic notion of puttering around outside now and again on a nice crisp sunny day inspecting this and that.  As I've not done that for the best part of ten years I suspect it isn't at all how I imagine it.

OK, to the point of this missive....  As you've gathered I can't do anything very much for the blog until about April so I want anyone who is reading this (and there have been 661 visits to this since it started) to take up the cudgel and start a dialogue.  That is why I started it.  Just answer this piece and I'll post it and maybe we can get some conversations going.  Failing that I guess there's not a lot of point in doing it.

Come on let's get local gardeners sharing thoughts and info, maybe just chatting......  Gardeners are nice people!