Thursday, 28 June 2012

Remember the sunshine?

You probably won't be able to remember by now but a couple of Sundays ago (17th June) we actually had a fine day and husband, friend and I did a village NGS.  These are great ones to do as you get a full day out and lots of very different gardens.  On this occasion we visited Bretherton (Chorley(ish)) to see five gardens.  Our day included a good pub lunch and, later,  a delightful quintessentially English tea in the church hall.  We even had a trip round the church next door and a natter to some real characters.  A good day was had by all.  Apologies for not sharing this experience in advance with you but it was a last minute decision for us as the sun was actually shining!  Have a look at the web album and you'll get a flavour of the day.  They are open again on 15th July and 2nd September so you don't need to wait for next year to visit them.

Meanwhile to make up for keeping this one to myself let me give you a heads up for two really good ones.

The first one on the 15th July is:

Edenfield and District Horticultural Society
Garden Trail Sunday 15th July 10.30am to 4.00pm Tickets £3.00
 14 Gardens Edenfield Stubbins Chatterton Irwell Vale
Tickets Anne Partington 01706 827012 Lynne Longworth 01706 829062

I rang the Anne Partington number and he (!) is sending me a map which I'll share with you when I get it.  Meanwhile, for sure, one of my favourite gardens is on the trail and you can certainly pick up a ticket there.  I am pretty sure you will be able to start on any garden and do any and all as you like but one not to miss is Lavinia Tod's, 1 School Court, Ramsbottom.

Here's a link to some photos I took in 2010.

The second is on the  21st and 22nd July:

Jefferson and Susan's Open Garden 2012

Please find below information on this year's Open Garden
The wonderful Grace O'Malley has agreed to sing for us - not to be missed!
The garden has matured somewhat and we have done new things around the garden particularly the large pond area.
If you would like to help: we are short of all sorts of Homemade Cakes - and Staff to help our guests around the garden,
Please call Jefferson or Susan Conway on 01706 213934. Thanks

Jefferson & Susan’s
Open Garden for Charity
21 & 22 July 12 – 5pm
23 Dalesford Haslingden Rossendale BB4 6QH

We have a young but very interesting garden on many levels
English and Mediterranean Style, Long Borders and Interesting Features.
Japanese Garden, Outdoor Chess, Ponds.
Steel Sculptures and Art Studio.

Special  Singing  Sensation  Grace O’Malley

We are supporting:
Rochdale Hedgehog Rescue - Lancs Air Ambulance & The Smile Train
Please Donate £3.00 pp

Do NOT be fooled by the ordinary aspect at the front of the house when you arrive - the back garden is huge, astonishing and challenging and they have done a fantastic job. Can't wait to see it again this year.  

I have some photos from there taken in 2010, if you need a taster, in my web albums.  

Friday, 15 June 2012

Rain, rain go away....

Discovered a begonia in the hanging basket
I know it is the British disease - complaining about the weather, but really this is beyond a joke.  The rain is bad enough but it is freezing too.  So much for flaming June.

So, yes, not much to write as I haven't actually done any gardening.  I just thought I'd share a bargain, a reminder, some rogues and some photos with you so you know that I am still around.

The bargain -  Thompson and Morgan are offering 36 plug plants six each of six perrrenials for £4.90.  Basically, they promote them as free plants, you just pay the postage, hence the £4.90.  I have sent for them in hopes they will be OK.  I'll put them in the veg plot to grow on for next year and the new border.  That's the plan any way.

First Noisette rose of the year.

The reminder(s) - 15th today so it is my day for flinging (organic) slug pellets around.  I do it 15th of the month from February onwards come rain or shine.  Yes, I know its not so effective if it rains - though the organic ones are better for this - but when would they get done if we waited for sun?  This reminded me to remind you that the garden needs feeding here and there too if you want a good results.  I decided to simplify it by chucking chicken pellets around at the beginning of the season and then handfuls of 7-7-7 National Growmore at the end of every month.  It was far too confusing figuring out who needed what and when.  It is also pretty difficult in a small 'normal' garden to be feeding roses one way and the clematis another when they are planted cheek by jowl.  I need to remember it is a not-very-special garden and certainly not a show garden.  I also tied in my climbing roses - what a job that was.

One of the many ....
The rogues - every year I get a bundle of rogue poppies lifting their heads.  In year one of living here I planted some red oriental poppies in the bottom border (north facing).  Every year since I have pulled them up and even last year dug them up.  The next year they are back in an even bigger spread.  They are beautiful, tough and remarkable things.  The side borders have only ever had white or pink poppies planted.  This year I have the red ones there too.  I am certain oriental poppies are quite difficult to grow from seed and you generally propagate by root cuttings, so for this to have seeded itself somewhere else proves its durability.  I did read somewhere someone had weed killed for twelve years and still has poppies where she doesn't want them.  I will learn to live with them and not notice how the colours clash.  

Foxgloves from nowhere
My other rogues are the masses of foxgloves down the side of the patio which got there - heaven knows how.  Meanwhile in my borders I have just two survivors from many, many plantings each year.  Yup, just the two!

The photos - there are a few here and more in Garden 2012.  .... take a look at the two baskets on the trellis to help fill the space, a pretty little (beesianum) jasmine that's as tough as old boots and my lovely hanging basket, it is doing beautifully.