Friday, 10 February 2012

Sort of, not really, a blog...

This isn't really a post, but I know a couple of people who have the blog(s) on an RSS feed and I want to reassure them that I will be returning to this Blog in April when I get back to the UK and can start gardening again.  Meanwhile, banned to the colonies for the winter, I do listen to Radio 4 and watch British TV; courtesy of a UK VPN, iPlayer and occasionally 4oD.  So whatever gardening programmes I can get I soak up every inch of them.  I have listened to Gardeners Question Time (probably) all my life and would commend it to you.  I also search out information and read various gardening sites on line.  Gardeners World and more commercially led sites such as  Thompson and Morgan have loads of information.  Sadly for me, they just serve to remind me of all things I should be doing if I were at home but I can't do because I am trapped here.  So to all of you who can crack on with getting your sweet peas started so they will actually flower in Summer instead of December as mine did last year, enjoy getting ready for the Spring.

The GW link I've put here should take you to a list of jobs you can be getting on with and the T & M link should take you to a chart which I like.  Happy winter gardening and don't give up on me I shall be back.