Saturday, 15 December 2012

Clever sausage.....

Yippee!  yeah! and etc....

I have just won a £25 runner up prize in the Spalding Plant and Bulb Company competition which I wrote about here on the 22nd November .  I had a lovely time choosing my prize and have settled on two roses that I need for the newly restored border.  At this rate it will be a Spalding border as it already has a load of their stuff in it.

Many thanks to them for a cheer-me-up-thinking-of-my-garden-at-home gift. Here's a bit of their email telling me I had won something.

We have selected your post to be a runner-up!!!

We really liked your idea for the Spring Patio Tub, we imagine that it would be the ideal way to break through those miserable days in February! The colours were simple yet striking, and complemented each other very well. A good selection of flowers too, bringing different qualities to the tub resulting in a diverse mixture. Well Done!

As one of our competition runners-up you now have £25's worth of prize money to spend on any Spalding Bulb products of your choice!