Sunday, 16 October 2011

Colour photographs of the Duke of Windsor, gardening | HOW TO BE A RETRONAUT

This is how we should dress for gardening.......

Colour photographs of the Duke of Windsor, gardening | HOW TO BE A RETRONAUT:

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Slug Pellets

Opened my diary today to be reminded to put down some slug pellets - a note for myself on 15th of every month from February to November.  Not a lot of use as I am now a few thousand miles away but I will be hurling them around when we get back in December.  The more slugs we can kill this side of the winter the better, less to breed next spring.  So I thought I'd remind you.  I use these:

Wildlife Safe Slug Pellets

If you are not fully convinced of the safety of metaldehyde based slug pellets and many people are not, then you can use pellets based on Ferrous Phosphate, also known as Ferramol, which are approved in organic systems and will only kill slugs and snails, and will not harm children, pets, birds, animals or wildlife etc. if used as directed.

The slugs and snails are attracted to the bait in the pellets which they then ingest and then crawl away to die, leaving no dead slugs or snails around and no unsightly slime. Any bait not eaten breaks down rapidly to iron and phosphate nutrients as part of garden soil.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Garden Tours for 2012

I've just had an email newsletter from the NGS advertising some NGS garden tour holidays next year.  I don't know how to pass that one to you here????   If you want to see the email just send me your email address and I'll forward it on to you.  (my email address is:  The company who are organising the tours are Brightwater Holidays.  Click on the name if you want a look.  They also have a blog which I've added to the favourite blogs list.  Check it out.