Monday, 19 August 2013

See what a week can bring

I keep saying it but then I keep doing it.....  gardeners can't go on holiday in the summer!

My tomatoes may have crocked it.  I have been away for a week and when I got back they were all tipped over (leaning forwards) from their tray - probably the unsupported weight of the fruit getting bigger.  This meant a lot of stem snapping and no water to the plant as they were no longer in contact with the tray!!!!  This sad picture is wonderful compared to how I found them.  I have gently levered them up, staked and tied and watered them by the time you are looking at this.  So now it is a case of wait and see.  Still not a single red tomato to be seen.  Fed up with 53 degrees north and tomatoes.

The cucumber which was a beautiful sight to behold before we decamped has dried out or baked or something.  The leaves are pale and splotchy, lots of new cucumbers have shrivelled and the ones left clinging on are rock hard and dry looking.

Finally even the outside leaves and radish troughs look pretty miserable.  I would have said I didn't do anything to them but obviously I do because if I am not here this is how they develop.

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