Sunday, 31 July 2016

My Garden in July

Here are photos of bits of my garden in July.  It is difficult to choose a favourite month as each one offers something different and always a favourite amongst it somewhere but I really do have a real passion for the lovely 'Lucifer' that flowers its socks off in the front garden at this time of the year.

this small half moon border has five different plants which come up and flower in turn as the season rolls along... July is crocosmia Lucifer's turn

the side front wall is smothered in clematis Black prince.  It is supposed to have a yellow rose mixed in it but the clematis swamps it out

my lovely perfumed jasmine archway to my 'hive' - my hobby room on the side of the house

the rowan has berried early this year and done so well that they are weighing down the branches

I love 'fluffy' borders

detail - rowan, clematis, verbena bonariensis, gypsophila, thalictrum

border viewed the other way round

Saturday, 30 July 2016

I keep doing this

I think I have quit this blog twice now and here I am again.  I miss a place to post garden related stuff for me to wander back through now and then so here I am doing a bit of a garden catch up for 2016.

A bit of my garden for a moment in January

Don't forget to celebrate Valentine's day by starting to slug pellet your garden on 14 Feb.  I use organic ones which actually do better in the rain that the others and, of course, don't hurt the food chain.

By March the weather had improved a little but we still had a flurry of snow to remind us we weren't quite into Spring.  Some garden photos from March.

and in April....  This was the first winter we had done in the UK in ten years so came as a bit of a shock!

By May there was some hope....  We had a good enough day here and there to start digging out the borders and refreshing them.  The plants had been in for some years and had taken a battering when we had the new fence put up so it seemed the time to start again.  Obviously we left in the 'bones' of the planting - trees and roses and climbers but dug up the perennials and  mostly replaced with new choices.

Cherry - prunus serrulata amanagawa

Crab apple - Liset

Indoors the white Christmas cactus gave me a second grand stand second performance.

In June we could see the change all the hard work had made and plants were recovering well..

Poppy - Papaver Mrs Perry (I think)

Climbing rose - James Gallway

Clematis - Warsaw Nike

I went to a terrific private garden open for the NGS a couple of weeks ago and didn't even take a camera as I thought - I don't do the blog any more so I won't bother!!  Hey ho.

I'll post some more garden photos for July soon and show you the wonderful Wollerton Old Hall Garden.  So stick with me after all if you like looking at plants.