Monday, 19 June 2017

Flaming June

As I write this flaming June is living up to its name -  ten o'clock with bright sun, 25 degrees and rising!

I did my morning stroll round the garden with my tea to check what new 'faces' have appeared in the border - as I was armed with a camera I thought I'd share...

this is the centre of a clematis which drops its outer sepals after a while and leaves these lovely centres for ages - might be Viennetta 

blush noisette from Peter Beales years ago - it is lovely doesn't get too tall, covered in flowers all summer and smells glorious

lovely little white shrub - if anyone can identify it for me I would be very grateful

Fleabane (Eirgeron) - unassuming but one of my favourites

my three most used herbs just outside my door

Garden full of poppies right now this one is 'Mrs Perry'

love little geraniums this one is 'Elke' makes great ground cover

'James Galway', a David Austen rose

Poppy in among the roses, 'Prinzessin Victoria Louise'

another clematis, sorry not sure what it is

this is the double form of the one above - get both type of flowers on the same plant

Tea plate size flowers on this clematis, 'Warsaw Nike'

'Bowles Mauve', perennial wallflower - flowers all year

I won two of these in a competition four year ago - finally come into its own, 'Elfe'

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