Sunday, 19 May 2013

Just a quick one....

Here are the pea shoots ready to eat and the courgettes ready to go out and the tomatoes just starting.  The latter are probably a bit tardy to do any good???  I think you need to get a really early start on tomatoes up here.  In truth I have never done any good with them.  They grow fine and put on loads of fruit but they take quite a bit of looking after - water frequently, don't leave gaps or they will split, feed well and often, pinch out side shoots and, and and.... then I get a ton of fruit in about September and we leave before they come to anything near ripe.  So, unless I go into green tomato chutney production big time they aren't worth the trouble.  This is my last go this year and these will be kept in the greenhouse full time - lets see how that works out.

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