Sunday, 19 May 2013

St Luke's plants

About half of these plants are mine.  I am minding the others for a week.  A friend gave me a heads up on an annual plant sale held at St Luke's Parish Hall in Salford.  You get to place an order before May 10th and then go and pick up (and pay for) the plants - this time on the 18th.  They are a great price - £1.95 a box (6, 9 or 12 plants per box).  They are good size, ready to plant in your  baskets/garden and are in immaculate condition.  This was my first year so I was a bit cautious as I had no idea what to expect.  Look out for next year when my order will have tripled and will include a couple of their already planted huge fuchsia baskets for £9 a piece.  I was suffering from plant envy watching all the great stuff being shoved in cars.  Always greedy some folk.  When I get to hear about it next year I'll let you know.  It is worth the drive.  Any of you Bury folk know of anything similar near us?

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