Monday, 30 September 2013

Putting the lotty to bed

This is the last photo of growing things for this year.  There are still loads of flowers and unripe strawberries on the plants and the rhubarb yielded three pounds of glorious stuff before this shot was taken.  I know I am not supposed to pick it this year but really how can you see three pounds of puddings rot away?

You might notice I have removed the bird netting until next Spring to help preserve it.

This is what the other two beds looked liked when we left.  Covered in cardboard to stop the weeds.

We also laid down down weed suppressing cardboard - aka Ikea boxes - where I want two more beds to go.  Fingers crossed that happens over the winter some time.  I am on a promise.

So, here we go - farewell lotty.  We'll check again next month but then that is pretty much it until next April.

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