Sunday, 26 July 2015

Keeping a reminder

I have had so many homes and so many gardens over the years which I have usually completely remade and now I can't really remember that many of them - all that work and love disappeared.  I decided when we moved here I would keep a record of what we did.  Eventually years one and two became nine - a very long stay for us - and I love looking at the changes over the years.

Every year, sometime in July, I go into the garden and stand in each of the corners and at each of the half-way points between those - like eight points of the compass -  and take a photo.  They are then filed alongside the previous one from the same angle so I can see just how many changes there have been.

These nine photos shows the corner which faces North East.  They begin in 2007.

2007 - built the patio and cut the border - decking in the corner

2008 - decking is now a summerhouse

2009 - we have swapped flowers to vegetables on  the right

2010 - still vegetables and the box hedge round the patio is appearing over the edge

2011 - forgot to do the photos this is nearest I could find

2012 - last year for the veg and I am working in the summerhouse

2013 - looking mature at last and back to flowers all round

2014 - the patio gives way to the conservatory

2015 - maybe things have settled down now

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