Saturday, 1 August 2015

Cucumber and Tomato trials

I grew some tomatoes from seed and kept four of the plants - two of which I left in the greenhouse and two went in a pot outside.  I also grew some cucumbers and kept one in the greenhouse and planted one in the tomato pot outside.

here are the results so far:

Tomatoes in the greenhouse: tall, thin, anaemic looking but with flowers and starting to fruit

Tomatoes and cucumber outside:  dark green and leafy, only a few flowers and no fruit.

Cucumber in greenhouse doing OK

It seems the outside tomato bushes do just that - they make large dark green very vigorous and healthy bushes but they are only just starting to flower, so I suspect I won't be getting any ripe fruit off those this year.... again.  Unless you have a really good spot in your garden I think outdoor tomatoes need to be grown much further south than Bury.  I have never had a crop of tomatoes from them and as this is year five (!) that is an end to my outdoor tomato growing.  It is worth your having a go though as I know several people who do OK.  My garden is particularly 'late' with stuff.

I might have a good go at greenhouse ones next year though.

The cucumber needed its own pot to make it a fair comparison with the one in the greenhouse.  Basically it is strong and healthy but miles behind it's sister under cover, who has two cucumbers forming and more to come.

Here is my 'fruit' so far......  not quite a bounty!




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