Friday, 7 August 2015

Where did the green fingers go?

I love gardening and I do OK, but I really don't have that magic touch like my mom who could grow an oak from a stone.

I planted a tray of oriental poppy seeds and eventually just chucked the soil on the garden - not one appeared.  Not strictly true a few appeared and had one day in too much sun and fried.

Similarly, the foxglove tray did the same but they have about a half dozen clinging on to life.  I am hoping they will prick out into little pots soon and go in the garden next year - who knows.  So a fiver's (!) worth of seeds and if I manage to get a foxglove from it I'll be lucky.  Mind you I saw foxgloves last year in pots at £6.99 a pop..... so I'd still be in pocket.  Just not the vision of a garden full of oriental poppies and foxgloves that I dreamed of.


I also saved seed from and sowed some hellebores - doesn't look like they've made it either.


This is the best pot as I haven't a clue what I put in here......

the mystery pot

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