Wednesday, 3 August 2016

ECO Plant Holder

I thought I would share a nice find with you.  I got these on sale at a silly price (£1.99???) from Wyevale Garden centre but worth keeping your eye open for as they are proving very handy.

I just Googled them and you can get them for around a fiver (three in a pack) from various places.  They store flat and therefore easily, they won't rust or rot(?) and are made from recycled plastic..... coffee cups I think.

They are designed to fit in horizontal fencing without additional support.  They can also be screwed in place (two holes in top tab) or hung on a hook or a nail in a wall or fence.

I have vertical lapped fencing so it is no use for me in its primary form.  I also don't want fixed pots in fixed places so I lob mine around where I want things using 'S' hooks over the top of the fence.
waiting for its pot

brightens up a bit of empty fence

smells lovely where I walk past

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