Monday, 1 August 2016

Wollerton Old Hall

Usually I struggle to find a favourite this or that but I do have a favourite garden and that is Wollerton Old Hall.  I have been lucky enough to see many of the major gardens and places such as Hidcote and Kiftsgate and many others and most are just overwhelmingly lovely but for some reason Wollerton has my heart.

I 'discovered' it many years ago in its 'infancy' when it was just a private garden open to the public now and then and I have seen it mature and develop further and further right down into the copse at the bottom.

This time I hadn't been for about three years and the change is palpable.  It is much 'bigger'.  The planting that is... the plants have grown and matured and have packed every little inch.  I love it only slightly less, but the doubt is there.  It had (has?) very defined rooms with glimpses long and short from one to another this seems to perform at a lower key when the planting is almost swamping you and I think that is a shame as it seemed to be the key to its particular charm.

It is now fairly busy with visitors and I am (unreasonably) greedy in wanting it to myself.  One of my very best visits there (last time) was in the rain.  The garden took on a whole new face and was almost just mine.  This time I bobbed around with others and grudgingly shared it.

Some pictures here and you can go to the album if you want to see more.  Click here:  Wollerton Old Hall

there used to be a rose and  climbing fuschia (Lady Boothby) on this wall

all about glimpses

view to the copse

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