Thursday, 3 October 2013

Lotty to bed

Ken and I went over to check on the chaps who were tidying up the site today.  They are part of the Community Pay Back system and are doing a grand job for us.  Today they were strimming and clearing up the weeds and the saplings which have grown back in during the summer and shifting a load of rubble for the far end of the lotty.  The site looked much better when they'd finished.

I spoke to the chap in charge who said they will be tackling the end of the plot which is full of old carpets and all sorts of rubble beneath the surface.  They are going to get in a digger and clear the land and level it and plant up the wild life area with bushes and plants and bug houses etc.

Ken measured and drew up a plan of the plot and I am going to fiddle around with it to see what we can get in and then offer it up to the others to see if its OK with them.... onwards and upwards!

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