Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Logan Botanical Gardens and Castle Kennedy

I think Logan comes under the banner of Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh as I couldn't find a website particularly for them, but click here if you want to know more:  Logan Botanical Garden

Last weekend we had a couple of days in Leswalt near Stranraer and visited a couple of gardens.  There are six very well known ones all in a small area around the Mull of Galloway and all worth a look, I am told. 

Sadly this is not an area you will be 'passing' or 'near to' if holidaying elsewhere; it is very specifically its own destination as it is the (UK's old man's beard) peninsular hanging off Scotland and, as such, becomes its most southerly point.  Add to this the power of the Gulf Stream and you can see it is something of a gardener's paradise in the North.  Indeed Logan is loaded (for me, overloaded) with sub tropical planting.  

fleabane doing its thing

Our other garden visit was to Castle Kennedy Gardens which was also glorious, especially considering we are at the back end of the gardening year.

First, the practical; here's a simple way to support large areas of floppy plants.  I have seen it done more discretely but the idea is always the same - a framework of something attached to legs on a large scale.  I am doing this next year in my front garden for sure.

This is part of the same border with that system running all along it.

I you want to see more photos of these two gardens click on Galloway Gardens

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