Wednesday, 17 September 2014

This is what you do when you want to see the pot from inside the conservatory!  i reckon no-one will be sitting outside much from now on.

Got a great deal in tulips from Lidl - £3.99 for 20 spanking healthy fat bulbs - downside they are a mixed pack of three varieties and I am a single variety in one pot person - hey ho - not this year.

This is my other absolute bargain.  If you are looking for standard olive trees or standard bays of a decent age/height get to B & Q (Crostons Road) there are a few left.  I went for just bulbs and a couple of large pots (£7) but saw these.  They were priced at £19.98 for the olive(these) and £18 for the bays.  I thrashed around mentally as I wanted a pair and that is a bit rich for my blood.  I talked myself into it as I haven't bought much for the garden this year (conveniently forgetting other expenses which is why I haven't bought much for the garden this year!) and picked up a pair.  Got to the counter and they were reduced to £10 - typical of B & Q 's rubbish display (or lack of) pricing.  Any way with old person Wednesday discount - two pots and two standards came to £30.60.  Wish I had somewhere for a pair of bays.

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