Saturday, 11 April 2015

Help needed

Does anyone know a gardener who doesn't cost an arm and a leg and who is willing to do weeding?

I am getting beyond the two hours a week on hands and knees required to maintain a garden in good order and need someone to do an hour a week or two hours a fortnight or whatever suits just to maintain my small garden.  We have had someone cutting our lawns for twenty plus years so I can't just get rid of him but he doesn't do gardening as such.

Initially I want him/her to dig up each border in turn and shift plants around.  I have decided I want each border to only have about four different plants in it.  There would be an astilbe border for example with all my astilbes gathered up into that space plus the backdrop roses that are already in every area and any trees or major shrub that's there.  In this case that border would keep its two huge Rue and the magnolia and have just fritillaries under-planted in it for the Spring.  

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