Monday, 15 September 2014

On buying cyclamen, fleabane, clematis

First let me show you my nice little obelisk and clematis that I bought this summer:

Very pretty, just a pity that it's not what I thought I had bought.  Someone had done the classic poking the wrong label back into the wrong pot.  I can't tell you what variety this clematis is but it isn't the patio size pale pink one I thought I'd bought.  So that's a switcheroo to do next year as there is about thirty foot of clematis starting to cling to a four foot piece of wire.

More successfully, take a look at these lovely cyclamen - bargain from Lidl at £2.99 for the four pot pack.  You could split them already, if you wanted, into more planting pieces but they multiply pretty quickly if they are in the right place (wooded area - no, I don't have one!!).  They are delight in the rotten winter months.  (yes, just look at the weeds!!)  nice in pots waiting for the bulbs to appear.

Next, come some of my all time favourites, fleabane.  I just love them.  They are considered to be something of a weed and will seeds themselves in every nook and cranny - unless I grow them!  I had about six from a friend a couple of years ago and I have trouble finding the odd one or two daisies even if I go on a specific search for them.

Come back tomorrow if you want to see them in their full glory somewhere else.

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