Sunday, 16 June 2013

To bird table or not to bird table .......

That is the question!

I have a bird table in the garden, getting a bit dilapidated but still looks just right where it is, but we never see a bird!!! I am totally fed up - year six - buying bird seed, feed, meal worms etc just to be ignored - other than by the local elephant size pigeons that positively mangle the vegetation to get to stuff.  I decided to get rid of it and replace it with a multi-arm shepherd crook type affair and hang half a dozen hanging baskets from it and maybe a couple of bird feeders to see if they fare any better.

Off to Gordon Riggs last Wednesday to purchase such an object.  I then had to buy a pile of plants to go in the various baskets - thank heavens I got a grip and stopped myself from actually buying any baskets.  I knew I had some at home but I wasn't sure I would be happy with the selection.

Ken stuck the pole together and suggested I had a look at it in situ before he removed the bird feeder - wise man - I totally hated the hooky thing.  It dominated the whole garden and that was without the OTT flowering baskets.  So he dismantled it and we have a trip to Riggs to look forward to so we can return it (hopefully).

So, I was now left with a dozen plants and nowhere to put them.

The pathetic aliums got whipped out of the long tom on the patio and a group went in there.

A hanging basket became a table pot by the loungers and I planted up a hanging basket and hung it in a tree for lack of anywhere else to put it.  

Not exactly what was planned but I will love them just the same when they do their thing.

If you want to see those and other stuff have a look at the web album - click on this: Garden 2013.

On which note....  I suddenly really missed my mom today as she was the only person I know who was interested in my garden.  I miss her for a lot of things but sharing the love of gardening is a big thing.  I know I keep blogs for the pleasure of writing them and as a memoir for myself - a bit like we used to have photo albums I suppose, but I hope there is also a 'share' element with them too.  Is a big part of doing things you like doing, most of us want others to like it too. 

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