Tuesday, 23 April 2013

All spruced up

before and after
One of the jobs that has to be done fairly soon after we get home is cleaning the patio so we can get the furniture out of the summerhouse/shed.  I am ambivalent about it as I always thought the slabs were a bit to too yellow and very patchy so I quite like them all smothered in dirt and mossy, mouldy bits.  Ken thinks this is yet another sign of insanity and has been noted on the list of reasons why she should be locked up.  So, he wins and out came the pressure thingy.  I was reminded that every year I say the same thing and every year it is followed by - "Crikey, that looks better!"

Meanwhile I cracked on with deadheading and clearing the rest of the borders and trimming and tying in the roses.  Also a case of, "Crikey, that looks better". 

Here's some flowers that were strutting their stuff today.

The lovely primulas I bought at a show in Edinburgh years ago

One of my favourites - anemones - the wind flower.  They look so dainty and are as tough as old boots - bit like me really.....

More photos as usual in Garden - 2013

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