Saturday, 20 April 2013

Photos as promised

Sun shining and over to the lotty again today.  I bought three veg strips yesterday in B & Q, they were not what we were in there for, but at 3 strips for the price of two and 20% off that thanks to my B & Q club card - how can I not?  So, I had to pootle over and get them planted.


Two strips of carrots with sixteen plants per strip.  In fact I got a total of 46 plants from the two boxes rather than the thirty-two that were promised.  I think I like doing it this way because I am useless at sowing seed thinly which then means I am equally useless at thinning stuff out, so I may as well cut to the chase.


I also bought a strip of broad beans.  These have all gone in the all-purpose bed.  They are encroaching on the runner bean and pea space but I am hoping they will have done their thing by the time the beans and peas need it.  If not I will just have to think again.  I am already considering putting the beans in large pots.  The problem I had with that when I did it once before was the constant watering and worse than that they kept blowing over.  I'll see when it comes to it.

better than nothing
This is the water butt doing its thing.  I hope my plants appreciated pure bottled water!  I bought two of the big bottles of water from Tesco yesterday so I would have something to carry water over to the lotty in.  I reckoned at £1.10 each it was probably cheaper than buying any other sort of container.  It would have taken us until Christmas to use the water so I decided the plants might as well have it.  Ken topped up the butt and then I pretty much used up the same amount watering the newly planted veg!  We are promised rain tomorrow and we are 'working on' a rain-catcher idea.


This is a purchase from Summerseat which (I suppose) wasn't too expensive.  Ten fabric pegs.  I am hoping ten will do it and will hold the fabric down so the wind doesn't get under it and lift it.  Time will tell.  At least for now they look a lot better than the lumps of debris we had been using for the job.

Meanwhile back at the ranch .... in the greenhouse I planted some seeds.  A dozen runner beans (Scarlet Empire), six courgettes, a couple of dozen tomatoes (Maskotka) and a tray of peas for pea shoots.  Someone suggested it in their blog and I thought it was a great idea.  I have a ton of pea seeds left over every year so why not; I like pea shoots.  Apologies for not crediting him with the idea - I am rubbish with names.  If he reads this, let me know and I'll point folk to your blog.

I left a couple of chairs and a bag of stuff in the shed.  It has a lot of broken glass on the floor which someone has covered with builders bags, probably as protection.  Do I clear it up or not?

There are photos of the the greenhouse pots - but basically that's it - pots with dirt in!  If you do look at the Garden - The Lotty - 2013 album I do know they need watering and yes, I did do it after taking the shot.

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