Sunday, 28 April 2013

Fulton's Strawberry Surprise and pansies

Yesterday (Saturday) we had breakfast and, looking through the window, we solemnly swore we would not be going to the lotty for a while.  Easy promise to make as the weather has turned really cold and is actually managing to sleet occasionally never mind the April showers and impending frost. Then the postie turned up and the last part of my Thompson and Morgan order arrived - my rhubarb.  It looked so bonny it seemed a shame to just park it outside to wait for a better day.  So..... we filled the two water containers - remember we are filling the water butt in episodes each time we go - gathered up all the other necessary stuff and got in the car.  Then the French farce began.  We backed off the drive pointed forward and down came the rain.  Having spent more time in the shed than on the lotty on our previous visit we decided to go round the block and back home. That was fun.  Off with all the gear and, yes you guessed it, the sun came out.  Back in the car and a quick dash to check the bird netting - all OK and plant Fulton's Strawberry Surprise.  I have visions of it and the strawberries lushly filling this bed by high summer...... well maybe next summer.

Photo Album: Garden - The Lotty - 2013

On Friday I snared another B & Q bargain with the benefit of the B & Q Club membership.  They had various spring flowering shrubs and all their hanging baskets on offer for half price with the card.  This is cheap and cheerful at a few pennies over six pounds and will do until the summer one can take its place.

Photo Album: Garden - 2013

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