Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Work for April

I was just looking at my list of jobs for April and thought I might share them with you as a prompt for stuff you might need to do.  You will find a lot of things on my year round list appear something like four weeks after seeing them on Gardeners World or in a magazine, not because it takes me that long to cotton on but because I find my garden (up here) is about that far behind theirs.  I have the jobs blocked out week by week in my little scribbly garden notebook.

(Last week of March if I was here I would try to plant out parsnip and potatoes - technically the ideal ground temperature should be 7 degrees!!  Trim the lavender hedges - I actually don't don't have them any more! and scarify the lawn)

Here comes the four weeks of April (in my garden) ...

Week 1
Sow beetroot outdoors (ideal soil temp 15 degrees/joke!!)
Feed roses - just the cheapest all-purpose feed like Phostrogen or Growmore - buy it by weight from somewhere like an allotment - I think I got the last lot from Diggle Lane allotment.  I need some more so I will check it out soonish and let you know. 
Feed clematis with bone meal - same source again to save money
Feed start Jasmine with bone meal

Week 2
Sow runner beans indoors
Bug spray the roses - I use an all-purpose one that includes treatment for black spot etc
Begin weeding the lawn and fill with grass plugs or just weed and feed it

Week 3
Sow carrots outdoors (ideal soil temperature 15 degrees)

Week 4
Sow tomatoes indoors
Feed Rhubarb

All this is over ridden in my plot by just trying to get back on top of clearing up dead stuff and weeding - basically six months of no-one touching it.

That said I have just planted some Glory of the Snow (Chinodoxa)  (this isn't my garden photo) and some Bluebells. 

My friend gave me some tête a tête in a lovely pot for Easter and they have just about finished in the house so they will find a place in the garden soon.

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