Saturday, 6 April 2013

Here comes the sun....

......  well, for a day at least.  It was lovely and warm this morning - in the sun!  I was astounded by the difference in the shade and discovered I need a cardigan and coat for that.  The air temperature must be pretty low.  Fortunately my front garden gets a bit of sun in the morning so most of the time it was nice out there and I was actually out side in a t-shirt for a couple of hours, tidying up.  You can actually see how much the sun/shade has moved round in two hours in these photos.

............and after.

The two hour constraint turned out to be purely physical.  I was jiggered!  I do absolutely nothing for six months in America so the first garden stint creases me.  I hope I get back in my stride and soon as I have a lot to go at this year.  Two hours was just enough to get the front sorted out.  All kippers and curtains me - as long as the neighbours think I have a tidy garden that will do for now.  Look at the mud splashes up the wall from all the rain.

and after on this one

Round on the side wall, I hacked the rose and clematis back into shape and tied the rose back onto the wires.  We have to get out and find some better system before it really starts its 2013 growing.  I said that last year so I am determined to get it done in the next week or two.  

I don't want a trellis behind it and the eyes and wires we have in now are a pain as the wires always slack off.  I know there are tensioning systems but my other half says our sort of brickwork/mortar won't take that sort of thing (???)  So, as I said. I need a rummage round a good garden centre to see what's what.

I came back in for lunch and then toddled off to B & Q for a few bits and pieces as they were having a three for two offer this weekend.  Incidentally if you are over 60 you should get a diamond card for a 10% discount every Wednesday.  In addition to this anyone can join the B & Q club which works any day and gives you special offers for anyone with a membership number.  You also get entered into a £10,000 draw every time you shop there.  Today I got 20% of a hanging basket and some plants.  The discount was also on grow your own plants, seeds and bulbs and pots and planters; so it is well worth doing. 

Another bargain

Yesterday my seeds arrived from Thompson and Morgan.  The order from them was a bargain as it came post free which is generous as it is, seemingly, arriving in separate parts.  The seeds are the same price as in the shops and they gave me the radishes for free.  The catalogue must have said somewhere that you got the cheapest free but I never noticed; so that was another two quid saved.

I only realised when they came that I had chosen Alan T's selection... always nice to know he agrees with me.

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