Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Toon Crescent Allotments

This is a message to all the folk who have plots on the Lotty.

When I was there it occurred to me that it might be useful if we all swapped names and some way of contacting each other in case one of us is there and spots something not right with someone's plot.  For example I noticed there is a plot where a few of the seed potatoes are on the surface of the soil.  I don't know if they weren't planted deeply enough  and have just got exposed by rain or they have been dug up by some critter.  Basically I just want to let the person know in case they weren't planning to go to the lotty for a while.

There is no need to give out a load of information, just a name (even a nickname would do), the number(s) of your plot and a way you could be contacted.  If all seven of us exchange them we can help each other out in this way.  If you want to you could send the information to me by email and I will pass the list on to everyone so you don't have to post your email address publicly here. 

I don't mind doing that as I am already 'public' so you can contact me at mormson@gmail.com and my name is Marilyn and I have the three concrete plots in the middle that don't seem to have numbers.

I would love you to use this blog as a place to 'chat' to each other and swap ideas - please do if you'd like to.

PS - spuds should be planted 3 - 5 inches deep depending on variety and then be earthed up a couple of times to protect from frost, so they end up at least 8 inches down.  I am trying an alternative (lazier) way this year - plant 8 inches deep and they take longer to come up (but are starting to develop) and they don't get frosted - well that's the theory - if I lose them all I shall cuss!

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