Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Don't give up on stuff

One lesson it has taken me years to learn is to hang on to seemingly dead stuff until there is absolutely no doubt.

When we added the conservatory we moved two roses and a jasmine off the walls of the house where it was going.  The roses did OK after the move and are doing fine right now.  The jasmine finished its season last year still looking chipper.  

After the winter the jasmine looked like this:

dead as a proverbial .....
When it was against the protective, south facing, warm house wall we used to have a few red leaves in the winter which eventually dropped off as new growth appeared.  I knew it was taking a risk moving it to a more exposed east-facing site but there really wasn't anywhere else for it.  We came home to it covered in red leathery leaves.

The bits of green you can see in the box are just weeds.

After I'd finished doing the pots I had a bit of a tidy up and thought I might as well chuck the jasmine away and put something else in the box.

every stem has shoots

On a closer inspection I realised every stem has the beginnings of new growth.  it is very far from dead.  I am interested to see how this will do this summer.

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