Friday, 8 May 2015

Greenhouse clear out

Finally got round to clearing out my greenhouse and getting started on seeds.

seeds planted
Green tray - sunflowers for some children to grow - maybe for the Burrs.  Black tray has three rows - one has tomatoes (Money Maker) another is green peppers (California wonder) and a row with cucumbers (Marketmore).  

I plant three seeds per segment and then remove two.  With luck that will leave me with five of each plant which is tons for us.  They all claim to grow outside so if I can't squeeze them in my little 6 x 4 some can go out.  That's the theory.  Leftover seeds go to a friend at the lotty.

This is a bit precious and is doing brilliantly so far.  My daughter has her first garden to go at this year and has started off some aubergines and given me one a few weeks ago at the first true leaf stage.  It lived in the kitchen and then in the conservatory and has now gone on to 'big school'.  This is a cherished veg!

all neat and tidy
We have water lines to the greenhouse too, so it means all my plants, garden, patio pots and greenhouse can always manage without me if they have to.  If you do this it is worth saying not to just hand it on to the mechanicals.  Stuff might get under or over-watered or some other problem occurring without your overseeing it now and then.  It does stop the old song of "We can't go away for four days in this heat - everything will die" - at least that doesn't happen.  Gardener happy, gardener's non-gardening other half happy.  Win, win.

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