Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Ready to go

Last week I bought some plants to make up my hay basket under the front window but since then the weather has been too miserable to get out to do it so here they sit waiting.  I am sharing this for two reasons - the first is that I have a neighbour a couple of streets away who is being blasted by the occasional frost even now and yet these are happily awaiting their new home.  It is a reminder that whatever any know-it-all like me (and Monty Don)  tells you to do or not do it still may not be right for your little micro climate.  gardening is all about trial and error and lots and lots of patience finding what works for you.

The second reason is, that if like me you are a crinkly and like to get the Wednesday discount at B & Q,  you don't seem to get it on these.  They are all the four for £5 groups of plants .  My husband's theory is they are already discounted?????

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