Saturday, 23 May 2015

What went in the pots

I love huge over the top hanging baskets - I know they are 'out of fashion' and somewhat frowned upon by the gardening elite but they simply make me smile and I feel I am surrounded by summer.

That said when I come to plant them myself, rather than buy in, I do like to have something of a colour palette for them so they are just as blousy but a bit less jazzy.

My back garden has all the cool colours - very pale pink, white, blue, cream.  The front garden houses all the hot colours - red, yellow, orange sometimes offset with deep blues and purples.  So the pots and baskets work within those 'rules'.

Front garden plants used for the pots:

one missing?

I have been silly strict and had the urge to stick to just three plants in the hay basket.  I regret it now and feel I should have added dark lobelia.  I might go back and slit the liner and poke some in.......

As you can see here the hay basket is trailing red geraniums, yellow Bidens and the missing card is for the trailing red verbena. They all came from B & Q.  They were in great condition as they were fresh in and at a good price.  I am sure you can shop around proper nurseries and get better prices but I opted fort the least trouble.

plus pale pink upright geraniums

Eight different plants went into the pots in the back garden, so something should be looking good by July!  I seem to have lost the card for the geraniums this time. I have a pink variegated trailing one in the chimney pot and two pink variegated leaf upright ones in each strawberry pot - they are always the stars of the show and these are the supporting acts.

Trailing double petunia - cherry ripple
Lobelia bush - Mrs Clibran
Calibrachoa - can-can apple blossom
Bacopa - snowflake
Bacopa - blue sensation
Trailing Lobelia - hot tiger

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