Friday, 19 June 2015

Another sort of food

I am so used to having this stuff around I forgot to mention it when I was talking about feeding gardens.


You might think this looks like the 7-7-7 I showed you before but it doesn't.  It isn't perfectly granular like that is; it is just a mix of various degrees of  gritty 'powder'.  It is what it says it is - ground up animal bones - mostly beef.  It is then steamed at a high temperature to kill any pathogens.  In the main I think of it as promoting root growth.

So, the previous feeding instructions I gave you were for everything above ground, this is for below:

instructions on the lid so I don't forget

I chuck a small handful in with the soil when I am planting something - especially woody plants like trees and shrubs and perennials.  Also, as it says on the lid at the back end of the season I stroll all round the garden strewing it here there and everywhere to encourage root growth before the winter sets in.  This time a more generous handful than the 7-7-7 feeding routine is needed. 

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