Friday, 19 June 2015

Keeping from year to year

This wasn't a deliberate move on my part but this year, before I got a chance to empty and refill my three herb pots they had already sprung into growth from last year.


For the amount I use chives these will do me fine for the two of us.  


Mint is sparser than I would like - I do like a load in mint sauce - but early days and I am sure it will do.  Must take some cuttings from it later in the summer for a fresh pot next year.


Mmmm... this is a bit sad looking; not much parsley sauce there and because it is fighting for its life it is trying to flower every five minutes: this is nature's way of ensuring its survival to the next generation.

Incidentally never bother with just washing and chopping a tiddly bit of something each time - what a mess and faff - do a decent amount and just freeze the rest as it is and break off a lump when needed.  No its not as good as fresh but not significantly different.

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