Saturday, 27 June 2015

Lotty update

The Grow Your Own Project is still limping along.  We went round to pick some rhubarb and to see if there were any strawberries ready yet.  My sister is picking a ton of them in Vancouver!  It is hard to imagine we are colder than there!  None ready for us yet.

Two or three beds had been cleared out which was nice to see.  The down side is that they had filled my compost bin with grass which is about to seed everywhere.

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As always my rhubarb and strawberry bed was choking

..........but it doesn't take long to give it some breathing space.

The mixed veg bed is truly that this year.  I have a load of potatoes appearing from last year because we didn't clear it out properly so my salad crops are tucked in here and there and just growing around them, but it is working OK.

mixed bed

spinach and cress among the potatoes

some mixed salad leaves

rogue potatoes look good and healthy

In the same sort of way I have dwarf beans planted with the raspberries.  The raspberries will make a lot of runners this summer and probably fill the bed but until they do I may as well use the space.  They look promising as they are loaded with potential berries.

dwarf beans and raspberries

the beans look just fine

half a dozen bean plants

While we were there I got Ken to shove in some supports for the raspberries - not sure what that achieves....

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