Friday, 5 July 2013

Bakers dozen

If you don't count the half a strawberry each that we have already eaten - these are our first pickings they are not a bad size, so six (and a half!!) each will add something to some ice cream.

I also dug up three days worth of potatoes from the row of Charlottes - everyone a good size and absolutely without blemish.  So pleased.

I intended not to be negative here in the blog about the lotty as I would like others to join in but I do need to say my two apples trees (in pots) have been stolen otherwise folk who follow this would wonder what happened to them.  There are some miserable folk about.  My water butt got stolen pretty soon after we put it in place - as I said - I left that 'news' out of here.  So, the simple answer is do not have anything at the lotty that someone can pick up and walk away with.

I refuse to let it blight it for me - keep in keeping on.......... a bit sad though.

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