Tuesday, 23 July 2013


I am as giddy as a kipper - I have grown a cucumber!!  Yes, I know there are a zillion people who have not only grown a cucumber but have managed to produce ones that win prizes.  All I can say is it is a bit like having a baby - you feel like you are the only person to have done it at the time.  Say hello to Em's cucumber.

In truth, there are about six of them and more to come.

I bought this as a plant in a pot with no name other than mini cucumber.

The poor thing has outgrown my tiddly greenhouse height so it is now expected to scramble over this Heath Robinson contraption I rigged up today.  I am hoping it doesn't mind taking a bit of a turn and will ramble happily across the horizontal cane.

Apologies if I have shown you these before........ these are the ball gizmos I use to joint up canes to make various constructions - dead easy - multiple size holes.

The right hand cane is just shoved down through the staging on the other side of the greenhouse.

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