Monday, 29 July 2013

Fed up with rhubarb crumble?

I spent ages moaning that the rhubarb was looking rubbish, then all of a sudden it sprang into life and looks great.  I have been very naughty and picked some!  You aren't supposed to pick at at the end of July and/or the first year you plant it.  It needs to bulk up and get its feet down properly to release the sugars properly.  If you pick too late in the season it doesn't get a chance to do this and you will get a smaller crop next year than you would do if you leave it. Plus the rhubarb won't be as sweet.   I broke both rules and picked just one pudding's worth.  How can you not when you have grown it and it looks like this?

Off to try a new pudding recipe with it.

Next day:  Nom, nom - excellent recipe - see the recipe tab at the top.  The top of the pudding isn't cracked, they are supposed to be sort of seven 'cobbles'. I think it serves six properly, four generously or two piggerly.  There's only two of us here - what can you do?  

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