Thursday, 25 July 2013

Overall lotty update

Just a couple of photos to keep you updated on my raised beds before they switch to something else.  I reckon in a week or so the beans and peas and onions will be  out and I am looking for something to replace them that we can harvest before the end of October.  Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

Someone has painted the fence panels green and very kindly did my compost bin as well. I hope it is edible paint.  Nice thought though.

From left to right....

Peas falling off their supports.
Broad beans.
Runner beans.
Red spring onions
Tomatoes - they have baby tomatoes on them!

I finished digging up the first row of potatoes (Charlottes) - again absolutely perfect.... BUT.... I am concerned that the next row along - Estima (and the harvested Charlottes) - have a sort of rust?  Pretty sure it isn't blight.  Tops aren't soggy and spuds are fine.  I wonder if it is the heat, but that doesn't seem likely.

The first lot have been fine - enough tubers per plant, good size and no marks at all.  They only take about 10 minutes plus to steam as they are so fresh.  I put them in water and boiled them today but they do overcook very quickly.  Steaming is the answer -  this is a good thing.

This is how I fasten up the spare netting which is over the strawberries (and rhubarb).

I gather up the spare and wrap it round a cane three times.  I try to make all the sides of the netting taught on the outside of the box.

It is really quick and easy to do, keeps the net down the sides and is quick to release when I want to get inside the netting to pick the fruit.

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