Saturday, 27 July 2013

Land cress - treat it mean

These are four land cress plants I transplanted to their own trough and they have done very well - too well it seems.

Whenever I have grown this it has been grown from seed and not thinned out so it has always been crammed in a pot or the garden and the ensuing masses and masses of small leaves have been delicious.

This began its life in the same way - crammed in a seed tray and we ate all the small leaves as they appeared, mixed in our salad leaves or on sandwiches and they were lovely.  Mean while I gave four plants the recommended space needed thinking they would be so much better. The leaves are huge and therefore a bit tougher.  To get them on a sandwich or in a salad they need chopping up.  There is no improvement in flavour and they send up flower shoots every five minutes so I have to keep removing those.  Moral of this tale - treat your land cress mean.

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