Friday, 26 July 2013

Lucifer's back in town

This is one of my most favourite plants in the garden and brings my front garden to life every year.  Crocosmia Lucifer - just love it.  Have a look at the Garden album if you want to see it in action.

This is my (now) nine foot thalictrum.  It is the prettiest and daintiest flower against a blue sky.  Again it is the garden album if you want to visit it.

Last, but not least, meet Fred, Albert and Mary.  They seem to be here all day, every day - they love the Bowles mauve.  One was even cheeky enough to land on my finger when I had taken the picture.  They are the small common tortoiseshell  (I looked it up to be sure).  The large tortoiseshell is considered extinct now in the British Isles but there is evidence it has begun to re-appear.  Sadly I can't remember who was asking to be notified if you see one but I doubt at 53 degrees North that's very likely.  Here is Gauardian article if you want to know more.

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