Sunday, 14 July 2013

Thank you builders

 Just to show you why I deserve a gold medal, having made a garden at all.

Some of you may remember when I dug out the one foot edging border at the front of the house how much rock and concrete I removed (by the bucket load).

Like the rest of the plot our lawn is laid on rubble and something extremely crunchy!  Cinders?  Coarse grit?  Every time you put a fork or trowel in it you get a nice crunching sound.

Ken tried to put in a new rotary line spike.  The plants are so tall now where we have the old one there is a perpetual fight between flowers and sheets.

He started with the idea of just hammering it into the ground - we both knew it wouldn't work but he is such a Pollyanna.  Hey ho, struck stone.  We prodded all around the area with a spike and continued to hit stone and came to the conclusion it was over to digging mode.

The hole is 20 x 30 cms and 50 cms deep.  He removed approximately the same volume in brick, stone and slab. 

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